Is Your Marketing Hitting The Bulls-eye

Or Is It Just A Shot In The Dark?

Whether it’s getting customers to visit your retail store, visit your website, donate to your non-profit or just move your customer along in the sales cycle – You need results.

You want your marketing materials to educate and motivate your prospects to action. Your marketing dollars need to get a solid return on investment. A good writer that understands how to write to sell can make the difference in the results you get. Good writing doesn’t cost. It pays!

Why Hire Me?

My background is in persuading customers to take action. I’ve been helping businesses large and small convert prospects into clients for over twenty-five years. I know the process to close the transactional sale as well as the relational sale. B2C and B2B sales cycles are my specialty. Writing to get results is my passion.

When I partner with you to write your marketing documents you’ll get a writer that…

  • Is a quick study.

  • Asks the right questions.

  • Understands what motivates people to take action.

  • Delivers your writing project…on time and on target


You can see examples of my work  by clicking on my portfolio page.



Managing a writing project can be stressful. Just imagine the feeling you’ll have when you can check off your writing project as done!

What Situations Can I Help With?

  • If you’re at a loss for words.

  • If you don’t have the time to write.

  • If you’re managing a project with writing deadlines.

  • If you’re starting a business and need marketing ideas and documents.

  • If you need an update of your current marketing documents with a fresh approach.

  • If you want results that enhance your image, build your brand and create new customers.

Why not contact me right now?

Once I get your information I’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours…guaranteed!

(770) 834-9422